Thrill Seekers

Thrill Seekers

“Destinologists call it the OMG moment. It’s the big reveal, a jaw-dropping, stop-and-stare sliver of time when a theme park visitor gets swept away with a carefully planned effect meant to be so dramatic, so memorable, as to be utterly captivating.

For the Designers at PGAV Destinations, a St. Louis firm that has built some of the world’s largest and most spectacular zoos, aquariums, museums, and theme parks, the OMG moment is the climax of a narrative carefully crated to guide their own design of these multimillion dollar “destinations” and to shape the experience of the paying customers into something more memorable than simply a day at the park.”

Read Steven Hill’s full article, first appearing in Kansas Alumni Magazine July 2015, about PGAV Destination’s four Jayhawks: John Kemper, Diane Lochner, Lindsey Evans, and Jim Dee.

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