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Destination Designers Consider: Is HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Really the Future?

  “The newcomers are just looking for the same thing we are; a place to be free, to stake out our dreams, a place with unlimited possibilities.” Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, reflects in HBO’s hit first season of “Westworld” what the park’s guests seek; and coincidentally, what many of today’s theme park guests… Continue reading.

PGAV GOes to Pittsburgh

Darting off for a weekend getaway to places like Pittsburgh, PA to see cultural destinations is the kind of journey that makes PGAV GO so amazing.  “You travel to break away from everyday constraints – the office, the agenda, the schedule, the routine…  It’s a world you can leave not only refreshed, but profoundly changed.… Continue reading.

Inspiration from India

  India (adj.) mystic, exotic, colorful, warm, vibrant, aromatic, enchanting, festive, Bollywood, street food, tuk tuk, kingfisher, etc.   The trip was a rather spontaneous decision; we had kept busy with domestic travel, visiting destinations within the Midwest region. Thanks to the PGAV GO program, we had covered hundreds of miles and seen the finest… Continue reading.

Sweeter than Chocolate: Creativity and a Mother’s Love

  I used to be known as the unofficial “PGAV chocolatier.” I spent my weekends immersed in chocolate, testing unique flavor combinations and devising elaborately-themed collections. I would spend hours hunched over sheet pans neatly lined with truffles, painting them with delicate cherry blossoms or shimmering swaths of gold until my body ached from the… Continue reading.

Skateboard Launch

How Skateboard Art and Culture Influenced My Career Path It was a crisp clear spring morning, the humming sound of wheels on Masonite screamed and I hit the coping. The feeling of landing that trick creates an instant rush – that is skateboarding. I’ve been skateboarding for 35 years now, yes 35. I started skateboarding… Continue reading.