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Even MORE Destinology: Curating a Creative Culture

  In our final 2016 issue of Destinology, Curating a Creative Culture, we explored and celebrated the wonderful environment of PGAV Destinations, how we got there, and where we hope to go next. We conducted extensive research and numerous interviews – all of which could’ve provided enough content for a years-worth of Destinology. However, as… Continue reading.

PGAV GOes to Pittsburgh

Darting off for a weekend getaway to places like Pittsburgh, PA to see cultural destinations is the kind of journey that makes PGAV GO so amazing.  “You travel to break away from everyday constraints – the office, the agenda, the schedule, the routine…  It’s a world you can leave not only refreshed, but profoundly changed.… Continue reading.

Top 10 Lessons from Basecamp: #3 – #1

  If you’ve been following my Top 10 Lessons from SketchUp 3D Basecamp posts so far, and you made it through Lesson #4, then you must be ready for my Top 3 Lessons from Basecamp: #3 – Sharing your knowledge makes the world a better place. This is why Basecamp is such a great event.… Continue reading.

Top 10 Lessons from Basecamp: #6 – #4

  If you read my first four Lessons from SketchUp 3D Basecamp, you’re probably waiting with baited breath from some more. So here are Lessons #6 – #4 of the Top 10 Things I Learned at SketchUp 3D Basecamp 2016: #6 – The best tool is the tool you need to get your job done. When… Continue reading.

Top 10 Lessons from Basecamp: #10 – #7

  Back in June 2016, thanks to the incredible PGAV Go! program, I had the opportunity to attend SketchUp 3D Basecamp in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. SketchUp Basecamp is held every two years, to gather hundreds of the world’s most avid users of SketchUp, to share ideas, show off their latest projects, talk about new technologies,… Continue reading.