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PGAV’s in-depth annual studies explore global trends that are changing the future of attractions. Our readers around the world welcome these reports, exploring the science of storytelling, attraction guest behavior forecasting, how nature inspires design, and much more.

Voice of the Visitor 2022

Annual Outlook on the Attractions Industry

PGAV Destinations’ seventh annual attractions industry study with H2R Market Research conducts interviews of 1,500 American respondents who either visited an attraction in 2021 or plan to do so in 2022. The recovery momentum is predicted to build…

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2019 Profile of International Visitors to America

In the first ever report of its kind, our study revealed how travelers from Canada, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, and Japan plan their trips to America, where they want to visit and what motivates them to do so, and why many have considered a visit to the States – but are holding off until later.

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Voice of the Visitor 2021

Annual Outlook on the Attractions Industry

The sixth annual Voice of the Visitor –PGAV Destinations’ study of the attractions industry based on consumer input. In partnership with H2R Market Research, we present an outlook for the coming year, covering twenty attraction types. As we head into 2021, there has never been a more important time to scrutinize the coming year for…

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It Can Change Your Mind

As we carefully study, and have the privilege of helping sculpt, the destination industry, we see guests and visitors becoming more and more captivated by storytelling. We interviewed neuroscientists, social scientists, and our own experienced storytellers to unravel the mysteries and skills woven throughout the best tales ever told.

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The Art of the Family Vacation

What They Want, How They Plan, Why They Go

It’s that delicate balance of interests, more complex than a Congressional subcommittee. It’s the think-on-your-feet flexibility to adapt when things don’t play out the way that you planned. And just when you think you’ve got the kids figured out, they change on you. It’s the family vacation, the most creative act that most families will…

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Industry Insights

Our Destinology team delivers insights into critical shifts in guest culture and behavior to more than 30,000 attraction leaders at zoos, museums, aquariums, theme parks, resorts, and more. These quick-read studies are essential tools for annual planning, and to remain nimble and responsive to meet guest needs and expectations each and every day.

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Destinations Dispatch

The Latest Industry Research and Recovery Solutions

It’s an ever-changing landscape and the current recovery stage could last months or years. When the path looks uncertain, PGAV Destinations looks to our guests more than ever. Find out what they fear, what they want when they return, and what the balance looks like for attraction operators. We will travel again, we will make…

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Lessons in Leadership

The Emerging Leaders of the Attractions Industry

Meet Our Leaders Leadership practice is undergoing one of the most challenging and rapid transformations in modern history. Technology, mobile teams, generational shifts, diversity, and changing work cultures are top of mind topics for today’s emerging leaders. To explore this new frontier of leadership, we sat down with emerging attraction leaders from around the world…

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Renovating Innovation

Reimagining the Destination Design Practice

Home Renovations Andy Warhol once espoused, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” After more than 30 years in our downtown St. Louis studio, time had changed many things: the make-up of our staff, how we collaborated on projects, architectural and design standards and innovations, and even the…

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Destinology’s Welcome!

Profile of International Visitors to America

We Share the State of Affairs In 2003, with the exception of the Global Financial Crisis of 2009, the United States began enjoying strong and steady growth in both inbound international visitation and spending. In the last decade, the number of inbound travelers has doubled from roughly four million to 7 million, while spending has…

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Destinology’s Voice of the Visitor

2019 Outlook on the Attractions Industry

Time to Change “Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved,” says Black Panther’s show-stealing Shuri, a brilliant engineer innovating on her king brothers super cat-like suit. The 18th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe quickly rose to become the highest grossing solo superhero movie in history, and the 3rd largest US box…

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Traveling Teenagers

The Heart of Generation Z

The Transformed Teen: Today’s Trendsetters Just a couple months ago, you may have gotten to spend some quality time with the faces of the future, interviewing today’s teenagers seeking summer jobs. These attraction-side chats may have drawn up warm feelings of nostalgia, reminding you of your first summer job in high school: tearing tickets at…

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The Fight for Attendance

The Attraction of the Non-Attraction

Wallet + Time Share No, we’re not about to try and sell you a one-tenth share of a lovely beach-side condo in Boca Raton (although that sounds quite wonderful this time of year). However, time is truly of the essence, and the days and hours of people’s lives they’re willing to spend at your destination…

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Generationally Speaking

How Cultural Shifts Impact Your Destination

Rewrite the Myths We’ve all heard generational stereotypes; and if you’re a member of any of the three generations above, your blood is probably boiling a bit, internally growling, “that’s not true!” Generational stereotypes didn’t appear out of thin air: at some point, they were either partially true or some prominent member of the generation…

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Communicating Conservation

Strengthening the Public's Trust

You’re Unbelievable In all likelihood, you do incredible, near-unbelievable work. Beyond the daily (and nightly) care of your animals (which is phenomenal, in-and-of itself), you run a clockwork-like facility, employ hundreds of staff and volunteers, have a measurable benefit to your local economy, integrate best green practices, rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, are champions of the…

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Curating a Creative Culture

Starting with Culture   Culture is your greatest competitive advantage. Some business leaders may value their intellectual property, their capital investments, or even their portfolio of products or services as their greatest assets; but none of that would be possible without great company culture. Josh Bersin, founder of Bersin by Doloitte, defines culture as, “the…

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