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Whether it’s understanding how families plan vacations, shining light on the revitalization of the American East Coast tourism economy, or unraveling the mysteries around the Millennial generation and their destination desires, we continuously work to uncover trends and leverage data to make unique and innovative designs and decisions.

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Cover of February 2018 Destinology, Fight for Attendance, people at Diwali or a Color Run

The Fight for Attendance

The Attraction of the Non-Attraction

When analyzing competition, we most often consider the other brick-and-mortar attractions in our direct market: the other museums, zoos, theme parks, aquariums, theaters, FECs, etc. However, there is a large, diverse, and tempting selection of other entertainment outlets that don’t fall in line with our traditional peers: festivals, sports, tabletop games, watching TV, and exercise. In this issue of Destinology, we explore the other competitors, reveal their popularity and trends, and work to understand their success.

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Cover image of full, Destinology book "Generationally Speaking: How Cultural Shifts Impact Your Destination"

Generationally Speaking

How Cultural Shifts Impact Your Destination

PGAV Destinations recently partnered with H2R Market Research to explore how America’s “Generational Cohorts” have changed in recent years, and how they’re perceiving – and exploring – destinations across the nation. Click to explore today’s generations’ new travel attitudes, preferences, motivators, and behaviors.

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The Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo Fiona greets an interpreter

Communicating Conservation

Strengthening the Public's Trust

This year, PGAV Destinations surveyed 1,006 people across the country to understand their perception of conservation and zoos’ and aquariums’ roles in it. We were curious to uncover Americans’ understanding of conservation, their perceptions of what zoos and aquariums do in conservation; and most importantly, understand people’s opinions of zoos and aquariums based on the conservation they perceive these institutions to be doing. In this issue of Destinology, we reveal some of the disconnects between the fantastic work zoos and aquariums conduct and what the public understands and cares about those efforts; and how these institutions can grow to maximize conservation and animal care transparency. 

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2017 Voice of the Visitor: Outlook on the Attractions Industry cover

Destinology’s Voice of the Visitor

2017 Outlook on the Attraction's Industry

Voice of the Visitor provides an industry-standard dashboard that quantifies aggregate attractions’ industry performance and provides an outlook on future visitation, specifically using insights gained directly from the point of view of the visitors themselves about why they choose to visit attractions – or not to visit. This six-article, condensed version is a high-level summary of the key findings from the full Voice of the Visitor report, which can be found to the right in digital format or ordered for free in hard-copy from this web page.

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A grid of various PGAV team members from the Destinology Curating a Creative Culture

Curating a Creative Culture

Culture is your greatest competitive advantage. Some business leaders may value their intellectual property, their capital investments, or even their portfolio of products or services as their greatest assets; but none of that would be possible without great company culture. In this issue of Destinology, we take a look at how PGAV Destinations is experimenting with innovative ways to curate a creative culture, and the powerful and lasting impact those efforts are achieving.

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Two guests hold memberships from the Destinology The Value of Membership: Insights into Members and Season Pass Holders

The Value of Membership

Destination members and season pass holders are an incredibly valuable resource. To learn more about these essential attraction supporters, we partnered with H2R Market Research to study destination guests, whether members or not, to learn about their interests, behavior, motivation, and what they value in a destination season pass. The insights revealed throughout this issue of Destinology can provide invaluable strategic input for you to attract more members and to make your current members even more passionate about you.

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Our Publications

2017 Voice of the Visitor: Outlook on the Attractions Industry cover

Voice of the Visitor

2017 Annual Outlook on the Attractions Industry


Voice of the Visitor provides an industry-standard dashboard that quantifies aggregate attractions’ industry performance and provides an outlook on future visitation, specifically using insights gained directly from the point of view of the visitors themselves about why they choose to visit attractions – or not to visit. Americans are eager to hit the road, and we’re just as eager to share the results of this benchmark survey.

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A stock photo of a little girl reading a big book


It Can Change Your Mind

As we carefully study, and have the privilege of helping sculpt, the destination industry, we see guests and visitors becoming more and more captivated by storytelling. We interviewed neuroscientists, social scientists, and our own experienced storytellers to unravel the mysteries and skills woven throughout the best tales ever told.

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A group of people huddle around a map and study it with a laptop

The Art of the Family Vacation

What They Want, How They Plan, Why They Go

It’s that delicate balance of interests, more complex than a Congressional subcommittee. It’s the think-on-your-feet flexibility to adapt when things don’t play out the way that you planned. And just when you think you’ve got the kids figured out, they change on you. It’s the family vacation, the most creative act that most families will ever undertake together.

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Upcoming Speaker Engagements

Curating a Creative Culture

For museums to evolve in response to changes in audiences, technology, economics, and societal influences, they must cultivate a culture of innovation. New exhibits and programs can only be as innovative as the culture that brings them to life for visitors every day. Master planning and design provides a critical opportunity to define and curate a museum’s culture.

Presented by PGAV Destinations Vice Presidents Diane Lochner and Tom Owen

May 7 @ 12:30 pm
Phoenix, AZ

Lateral Thinking: How to Build the Impossible in SketchUp

What do you do when someone puts a sketch of a turtle-shaped restaurant on your desk… or a circular, spiraling, space frame observation tower…and asks you to build it in SketchUp?

By harnessing the power of Lateral Thinking, you can build just about anything using SketchUp. When Push-Pull and Follow Me won’t get you there, Lateral Thinking forces you to invent a new approach to modeling, approaching problems in an indirect way, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious or obtainable by traditional step-by-step logic. This is how you open up a new world of possibilities in SketchUp.

This presentation will look at several real world examples of lateral thinking in the context of themed attraction and experience design, demonstrating the unique approach, methods, techniques and tools required for lateral thinking in 3D.

*Presented by PGAV Destinations Senior Creative Designer Dave Cooperstein. 

September 24
Palm Desert, CA