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The 2016 6th Annual IDSA-STL Student Design Competition

  The 6th Annual IDSA-STL Student Design Competition held on Saturday, October 15th, 2016, was the St. Louis Chapter’s most participated annual competition to date, with roughly 100 people attending from across the Midwest. The Saint Louis Science Center delightfully partnered with our chapter for the 2nd time and offered North Boeing Hall as the… Continue reading.

PGAV GOes to Pittsburgh

Darting off for a weekend getaway to places like Pittsburgh, PA to see cultural destinations is the kind of journey that makes PGAV GO so amazing.  “You travel to break away from everyday constraints – the office, the agenda, the schedule, the routine…  It’s a world you can leave not only refreshed, but profoundly changed.… Continue reading.

Inspiration from India

  India (adj.) mystic, exotic, colorful, warm, vibrant, aromatic, enchanting, festive, Bollywood, street food, tuk tuk, kingfisher, etc.   The trip was a rather spontaneous decision; we had kept busy with domestic travel, visiting destinations within the Midwest region. Thanks to the PGAV GO program, we had covered hundreds of miles and seen the finest… Continue reading.

Guest Blogger: Andre Copeland of the Chicago Zoological Society

The Chicago Zoological Society’s Communities and Nature Program Helping Pollinators, Helping People We depend on pollinators. Honeybees and other pollinators are responsible for a third of our diet. That’s one of every three bites of our food! But pollinator populations are dropping due to habitat loss (the use of glyphosate-based herbicides is the suspected cause)… Continue reading.

Guest Blogger: Dr. Rebecca Swab of the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

  “Buttercups” for Butterflies If you visit the Wilds prairies on a hot summer day in August, you’ll find yourself surrounded by tall grasses that can tower over young children, buzzing bees, brightly colored butterflies, and yellow nodding sunflowers. This flourishing landscape did not happen on accident – it was carefully constructed by choosing native… Continue reading.