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Whether it’s understanding how families plan vacations, shining light on the revitalization of the American East Coast tourism economy, or unraveling the mysteries around the Millennial generation and their destination desires, we continuously work to uncover trends and leverage data to make unique and innovative designs and decisions.

Destinology Issues

Escaping to Education

Taking the “Room” Out of “Classroom”

Field trips are one of the most magical experiences school children can have, but much has changed since our youth of being herded around echoing museum halls by our chaperones like a flock of lost ducklings. We’ve interviewed destination managers from across the country to explore and celebrate some of the greatest leaps in destination school programming.

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Digitizing Destinations 3.0

Destination Guest Technology Preferences

We teamed up with H2R Market Research to interview 500 destination guests and delve into their technological preferences, fears, skills, and knowledge. The study’s findings unravel the key mysteries of what’s going through your guests’ minds while they enjoy the lights, sounds, buzzes, and zips of your destination, and where you can make strategic improvements.

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America's Destinations Lead the Way

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields in the U.S. are projected to grow almost twice as fast as employment in any other occupation between 2008 and 2018. However, America is falling behind many other countries in producing STEM talent. We piloted a deep analysis of the STEM job market and education systems, and how they relate to destinations.

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The New Destination Visitor

Travel Motivations in the Post-Recession Era

Having passed through the crucible of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, travel consumers are back on the road. But they are wiser, seek greater value, and are more sensitive to pain points than ever before. Our latest research compares recent findings to pre-recession studies to track key shifts in consumer behavior in the post-recession era.

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Releasing Wild Success

Exploring the Interests and Motivations of Zoo-Goers

Zoos are one of the most popular attractions in America, with almost half of all attractions visitors in the country having visited a zoo in the past 2 years. According to the AZA, over 150 million people visit accredited zoos and aquariums annually. That’s more than all professional sports combined! So, what gets Americans excited to go to the zoo in the first place?

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Meet the Millennials

Insights for Destinations

Every generation experiences the world in a different way. Young people ages 18 to 29 grew into adulthood at the beginning of a new millennium. Impacted by significant global trends including the explosion of technology, this group has three distinguishing features: they’re more diverse, more educated, and more connected.

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Our Publications

Voice of the Visitor

2016 Annual Outlook on the Attractions Industry


Our inaugural study provides an industry-standard dashboard that quantifies aggregate attractions’ industry performance and provides an outlook on future visitation, specifically using insights gained directly from the point of view of the visitors themselves about why they choose to visit attractions – or not to visit. Americans are eager to hit the road, and we’re just as eager to share the results of this benchmark survey.

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It Can Change Your Mind

As we carefully study, and have the privilege of helping sculpt, the destination industry, we see guests and visitors becoming more and more captivated by storytelling. We interviewed neuroscientists, social scientists, and our own experienced storytellers to unravel the mysteries and skills woven throughout the best tales ever told.

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The Art of the Family Vacation

What They Want, How They Plan, Why They Go

It’s that delicate balance of interests, more complex than a Congressional subcommittee. It’s the think-on-your-feet flexibility to adapt when things don’t play out the way that you planned. And just when you think you’ve got the kids figured out, they change on you. It’s the family vacation, the most creative act that most families will ever undertake together.

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Upcoming Speaker Engagements

Designing Built-in Animal Enrichments

Project Manager Mariusz Bleszynski’s session will review the variety of permanent and rotatable animal enrichment devices used around the world in a variety of zoo scales and settings, as well as explore new concepts currently in research and development. Bleszynski will share ideas on how to engage animals’ five senses and their innate curiosity, as well as enrichment items that are either initiated by the keeper or animals within an exhibit habitat. The session will incorporate current durability and maintenance challenges, as well as a focus on training panels and their viewing capacity, safety, and functionality.

April 5 @ 2:10 pm

Trends in Zoo Design: Balancing Wellness and Guest Experience

Director of Zoo & Aquarium Planning and Design Stacey Ludlum’s session will explore zoos’ desire to bring enrichment to the forefront, which has been a catalyst for zoo designers to develop habitats around having the ability to enrich animals in full view of guests by designing the exhibits differently than traditional “natural” and immersive environments. This shift is occurring to link habitat design and enrichment in a deeper way, with the goal of enhancing guest experience and animal husbandry through creative physical environment design.

April 6 @ 10:05 am