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Love What You Do: John Kemper

    “Animals don’t have a voice; they can’t speak for themselves. So I view our work in zoos and aquariums as a mission: the more I can get the average visitor to connect with an animal in human care, the better off the environment is going to be in the long term, and the… Continue reading.

PGAV GOes to Pittsburgh

Darting off for a weekend getaway to places like Pittsburgh, PA to see cultural destinations is the kind of journey that makes PGAV GO so amazing.  “You travel to break away from everyday constraints – the office, the agenda, the schedule, the routine…  It’s a world you can leave not only refreshed, but profoundly changed.… Continue reading.

The Butterfly Effect

    In the spirit of PGAVIA’s Pollinator Conservation Awareness Campaign, the following post was submitted by Michelle Gangel, VP at PGAV Architects, the Kansas City branch of PGAV.   What happens when a Kansas neighborhood rallies to build a garden? Beginning in summer 2016, nine volunteers met with the goal of creating a butterfly… Continue reading.

Love What You Do: Emily Howard

      “You spend so much time on projects, and just falling in love with them, and then turning them over to the world, and it’s amazing; because then you get to see, “This is what we intended.” It brings people and animals together, and the passion for what I do grows more every… Continue reading.